1. Backwards Compatabiity

You’ve heard time and time again, backwards compatibility is a essential key to the success of the new playstation. What if developers like Konami remade MGS4 for the playstation 4? With upscaled graphics! And what if ubisoft remade the Assassin’s creed series and the far cry series for the playstation 4 with upscaled and amazing graphics. This technology isn’t something that is unheard of, we have the technology! If Sony did not include backwards compatibility with the playstation 4, companies like GameStop will go the way of BlockBuster, with Gaikai, even Netflix maybe in danger.

2. No In Game Advertising

Sony recently filed a patent that allows them to do in game advertisements, but if they decide to act on the patent is their own decision. I can reassure you, gamers will leave by the boat load. Imagine playing a new instalment of God of War for the playstation 4 and you are beating a boss, then suddenly with out warning it cuts to a 30 second commercial about febreeze or laundry detergent. Such mediocrity you see on Youtube and if it made its way toward the playstation 4 like it did in the playstation 3 (Midnight Club: Los Angeles features in game adversities of companies like Pizza Hut and 7-eleven.) then the playstation 4 will not succeeded next gen, loyal playstation fans might migrate to the new Xbox, Wii U, or just PC gaming.

3. Amazing Launch Titles

When the playstation 3 launched, it’s launch titles weren’t as well as appreciated by the gaming community, games like motor storm and ridge racer. But as time dwindled, games like kill zone 2 started to emerge and Assassins Creed, Littlebigplanet, God of War 3 started to emerge. Mgs4 astonished crowds, but it didn’t actually release til 2 years after it was showed on E3 2006. Sony needs launch titles such as Killzone 4, Uncharted 4, Mirrors Edge 2, Resistance 4, MGS5, Littlebigplanet 3 to come out with the playstation 4. Of course not all on the same day, but the following year would be great. That would surely cripple the new Xbox.

4. Games from Indie Developers

If Sony could allow indie developers to make fames for the playstation 4 would be great, the more developers the better. Have a variety of games on the market created by fresh young minds Thayer can utilize the power of the playstation 4. If Sony could hold contests on the playstation blog that would allow a user to build a game out of scratch and if they win, that game would be released on the PSN would be great, not only will it be great, but it would also allow young gamers to be inspired and dwell into the field of gaming.


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